Gift Certificates

NAAVA Gift Certificates are perfect for any occasion and are available in any amount, for individual services or as a package. They can be applied towards salon and spa services or luxurious retail products and used at both NAAVA locations. 

Corporate Rewards

NAAVA offers corporate rewards discounts based on the dollar amount spent. You can book the salon and spa for your corporate event, or buy gift cards in any increment to use as sales incentives, promotional offers, achievement rewards, thank-you and holiday gifts. You decide how best to utilize the cards, which may be redeemed up to a year after purchase. Call NAAVA at 512-813-1000 for volume discounts. 

Spend                           Your Reward Promotional Code

$1,000-$2,999                  10% off INC10
$3,000-$4,999                 15% off INC15
$5,000-$7,499                 20% off INC20
$7,500-$9,999                 25% off INC25
$10,000+                          30% off INC30